doppler 5000

by gardener



recorded for break world records in september 2014.

“'Doppler 5000' was recorded to cassette tape in my living room in Chicago, Il. The sounds are made from a modular synthesizer, treated vocal loops, and field recordings taken in Paris and North Carolina. When writing pop songs, I generally want to capture a moment, feeling, or thought that feels significant to my life in some way. The hope is that other people will hear the songs and recognize that moment as similar to one in their own life, that the song will touch them in some way, make them feel something. With Gardener, I actually try to avoid documenting those moments, opting instead to be as present as possible. I want to make soundscapes that don’t necessarily document an emotional time, but document time passing in and of itself. In order to get the most out of the dense layers of the song, one must actively listen, surrendering completely to the 8 or 9 minutes of sound, thus becoming completely present in the moment. Gardener is my way of slowing down and appreciating time for what it is."
-Dash Lewis


released January 5, 2015



all rights reserved


gardener Richmond, Virginia

dash lewis + synthesizer, vocal loops, other noise.


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